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The state-of-the-art 60,000 square-foot fermentation center will feature high-energy stainless steel tanks ranging from 15K to 125K liters.   
It will be available as a toll manufacturing facility to convert first and second generation sugars into a wide range of renewable chemicals and biodegradable plastics.

Industrial Biotech. Now Growing Your Way. 

Eastman Business Park 

Eastman Business Park is a 1,200-acre R&D and manufacturing campus with over 16 million square feet of multi-scale manufacturing, distribution, lab and office space.


There are currently almost 100 companies onsite employing over 6,000 people, many of them responsible for the development of our nation’s next generation technologies in the areas of Energy Storage, Chemical Manufacturing, Roll-to-Roll Manufacturing and Photonics.


Additionally, the Park’s immense manufacturing infrastructure—including the private utilities and onsite water and wastewater management system—is a competitive advantage for its high-use tenants.

Plant Specifications:

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The Bioscience Manufacturing Center 

Customer supply agreements are being negotiated currently while the facility is under construction, set to commission in Spring 2019.  The facility is at the heart of Eastman Business Park’s fully integrated ecosystem for biomaterials innovation.  


  • Capacity access matched to your business needs

  • 1.5 kL, 15 kL and 125 kL fermenters

  • Monoseptic, high UR, fed-batch capable

  • HTST media and feed sterilization

  • Computerized records and secure access

  • Contained operations to support TSCA, MCAN

  • On-site lab fermenters for scale-up assistance

  • Biomass/Supernatent separation operations

  • On-site waste-water treatment

  • Industrial site utilities and logistics support

  • Ability to co-locate customer operations

  • EBP site services – analytical, distillation

  • Priority Production Right (PPR)

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