Fermentum provides scale-up, semi-works, and commercial manufacturing for customers in Food, Nutrition, Industrial Enzymes, Biorational pesticides, Flavors, Fragrances, & Renewable Chemicals

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Bring Your Vision to Life

In many cases, we envision a future where biobased chemicals replace their fossil-based counterparts with an identical chemical molecule that offers increased biodegradability and superior performance.


This brings new and unique properties to existing chemical formulations by reducing significant amounts of energy in production, reducing CO2 and GHG emissions.  


Biobased chemicals can often increase biodegradability when added to existing product formulas and, in some cases, provide non-toxic alternatives to chemicals used today.



Let your ideas and products flow.  Downstream recovery for cell separation, ultrafiltration, concentration of soluble products and spray drying is possible.  Our design allows recovery of a variety of biobased products, including thermally labile products such as enzymes.  


Fermentum capacity is ideally suited to specialty or emerging industrial bioproducts where the market demand does not support the economics for a single-product plant and when time-to-market is a critical consideration.



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