Your fermentation needs are unique.  


Biobased technology companies often make the difficult choice between high cost,  low quality contract fermentation and building their own assets. In order to expedite novel and existing biobased technologies to the scale needed, Fermentum  designed a capital light business answer for companies seeking to achieve cost competitive fermentation without the capital risks associated with building their own capacity. 


The Bioscience Manufacturing Center will contract produce fermentation ‘broth’ or ‘biomass’ for a diverse range of end users.  Fermentation ‘broth’ is then converted by customers into a variety of products in diverse industry sectors such as personal care, fuels, construc:on materials, textiles, and biodegradable plastics.


Your Success.  Accelerated.

Win the race to market.

Your pace. Your scale.  

Draft your fermentation scale up plans using Fermentum's cost effective process design, technical scale-up and toll fermentation manufacturing for biobased technology.  


This is the fermentation capacity access you need to scale fermentation at your speed, and size, in food ingredients, biomaterials and chemical applications.  Scale up that is critical to the timely deployment of new biobased technologies.

 Whether direct customers, technology licensees or joint application development partners, all companies downstream of biobased technologies need to see demonstration of the technology.  


This opportunity helps to both lower the risk associated with your own resource contribution and raises the comfort level for your customers on cost effective supply in the future.


Plant Specs & 

Planned Services

Fermentum Services:

•Capacity matched to your business needs

•Fermentation capacity > 500 m3

•1.5 kL,  15 kL and 125 kL fermenters

•Designed to BSL1-LS

•Sterile, high OUR, fed-batch fermentation

•On-site lab fermenters for scale-up assistance

•HTST media and dextrose sterilization

•Downstream cell separation operations

•Computerized records and IP security

•Industrial site infrastructure (WWT, logistics)

•Ability to co-locate customer operations 



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